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Moringa Tea Reception Day

09/05/2013 16:35
So for the next 30 days, I am trying (and reviewing by default)  The tea from Plott Palm Trees. This is just over 20 dollars to purchase. Comes triple sealed and fresh. (quadruple if you count the teabag itself)  I am...

Switch Up your Every Day.

08/13/2013 17:09
Switch Up Your Everyday Head on over to and say hello to a friend of mine, Brittany. She is a mother, she is wife, she is a military wife, she is a special needs mother, she is a blogger. She does it all really. RECIPES: One of the things I adore...

Product Marketing and Auction Tips

08/13/2013 16:42
Hello Everyone!! So Today, in between storms in lovely Colorado, USA, I am setting up auctions on various sites. I both host auctions and participate in auctions hosted by others. Some product displays amaze me to the point I wonder how they have sales. Here are a few tips from someone who has been...

Who am I and What do I do?

08/13/2013 16:19
Who am I? What Do I Do? Here's your answer, it may surprise you. I am an almost 29 year old mother of three. I am an artist. I am a networker. I am a business owner. I am a stay at home mom. I am a homeschooler. I am Pagan. I work a variety of facebook pages,...

Fire it up with these shops!

07/27/2013 02:38
In this section we will list shops and sites that are Smokin' Hot!! Be careful.. we wouldn't want your fingers scorched on the keyboard by the shear power of these pages!    ~Kitty~~

Welcome to SHN!

07/27/2013 02:20
Welcome to Smokin' Hot Networking! Are you ready to be "On Fire"?! This is the news section! Here we will share various sites we find "view-worthy" on any given day. We will also share various auctions and more!    I cannot wait to see everyone's businesses!    ~~Kitty~~

Fire Yourself Up with DawnMarie’s Designs!

07/15/2013 14:18
What to Say, What to say!... This shop is on FIRE. And I mean SMOKIN' HOT! A little while back I won a shirt on their page. She allowed me to choose a design that was a little unique. DRAGONS and KNIGHTS. The saying is a play on words from Dragonheart™ as it is my sons favorite movie. He is TWO...

Outfit your princess with Periwinkle!

07/15/2013 14:08
No Princess is complete until they have attire from Periwinkle Princess Boutique! Support a small business ran from their own home with boutique level clothing and beautiful bows your princess is sure to adore. Stop by their facebook page: to learn more!...

Gifts That Last

07/15/2013 13:51
I am sure many of you are starting to think Christmas! For Gifts that last check out Charlee's Chic Boutique, you can find their shop here: Back in February, I ordered 3 customized pillows for my boys. I didn't expect them to last more than a few weeks. We STILL...

How to Deal with People Like Me by KittyKay (also known by sunset4774, pheonixreborn, pheonixartistry, &Kattkreations)

07/15/2013 01:19
Alright ya all. A few "from backwoods WI" Marketing strategies for people like me--You know the percentage that one ad does not impress? Here you go: PHOTOGRAPHS: If at all possible, post new photographs, not old ones. Even though it may have been an awesome picture of you 10 years ago, it is not...

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