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Who am I and What do I do?

08/13/2013 16:19

Who am I? What Do I Do?

Here's your answer, it may surprise you.

I am an almost 29 year old mother of three. I am an artist. I am a networker. I am a business owner. I am a stay at home mom. I am a homeschooler. I am Pagan.

I work a variety of facebook pages,,,, http:/ and more.

I am a Member of Cash Club of America. ($14.95 for a 30 day trial, contact me for info)

I am a Wealth Builders Consultant, Contact me for info. ;)

I am a product and site reviewer by design. I inspect and try many many companies and rewards sites on a daily basis. With my friends encouragement, I am soon to make a career out of this innate capability

I also Admin for a few pages that I will mention in future blogs. I have faced much adversity in life and in promoting and getting businesses out there both new and old.

I have a degree in Television Production from Brown College in Mendota Heights, MN.  I was born in Wisconsin. Raised in and out of Foster care for most of my life. At 16 I had a choice to graduate high school but chose not to as I did not have a place to stay that was secure that would provide me with an income. So I stayed in High School and went on to graduate at 18 years old with the rest of my peers. 2.5 weeks later I was in College in Minnesota. I graduated in 2005 and spent an additional year in Minnesota.

During my life in Minnesota, I worked everywhere from the Brown College Library to the BEC Television Station and KSTP- TV news in Minneapolis. I also worked at White Castle briefly, Taco Bell, Suncoast, The Worldwide Shopping Source (It went under a couple months after starting), The Disney Store and The Walking Co. They were all very cool places of employment that I worked either part time or in tandem with the others. There was one point where I had 5 jobs and was attending college at the same time. During this time I was with a laser engineeer who introduced me to laser shows, surplus stores, basic engineering, and was able to explain mathematics to me in relation to active life. After awhile we fell into a working relationship and decided to part ways.

I moved to California awhile after that to pursue a gig with Deal or No Deal and 1 vs 100. The only place I had to stay happened to be with my high school sweetheart. and you guessed it, we ended up back together. I did my gig with the show interviewing and photographing and counting numerous applicants who wanted to be on the show. I got to meet Howie Mandel for a brief second and was impressed by his confidence. During my life in California I also worked for a Security Company and got to meet people such as The Blues Brothers and the owners of Corning.

Life happens and I had my first son, Samuel. I had eclampsia, was induced a week early, and ended up doing 18 hours of labor with no success finally triggering my heart to go into overload and my blood pressure to go up, up, and up. I have no recollection but am told by his father that I hemmorraged on the table and that Samuel was put in some type of oxygen bay for a little while. He had what I called "chill spells" from the time he was born. I came to learn much later on that he had epilepsy. It has been a lifetime of uphill battles and he is currently 5 years old.

After California, my mother was ill, so we moved to Wisconsin. During the time I was in Wisconsin I worked at a printing press as a janitor and night security. I loved that job. By and by I started becoming tired and lethargic. I found out I was pregnant the same morning I got laid off for being too tired to handle the job. I didnt really have too many problems while pregnant with xander. If anything I would get nauseous from time to time. At 9 months along Samuel had a grand mal seizure that lasted over 2.5 hours. I started going into labor and everyone wanted me to go to labor and delivery. For anyone that knows me, you all know that I would never leave my ill child. I stayed by my sons side. watched as he had a spinal tap done and did not cry. Watched and became searing mad when the EEG tech had some choice words since it was her day off and she came in on it to work with my son for an emergency call. That tech was the first hospital worker I ever reported. But to be dropping F bombs around my 15 month old because she had to work is unacceptable in my opinion. We started a whole series of neurological tests and continue to have them to this day. Because of Samuel, Xander can sometimes be overlooked. I do my best to make sure his birthdays are at least equivalent to both of his brothers. During all of this, their dad signed with the US Army.

I had Alexander in May of 2009. Samuel and Xander are almost exactly 15 months apart. They love to hate each other and hate to love each other most of the time. But Xander is the first one up to help mama when his big brother has a seizure or is sick. Xander will be 4 on the 26th and I'm still remembering him as a little baby boy.

After their dad finished AIT and Basic training.. probably not in that order, (I get mixed up sometimes) We got posted to Colorado (where I am currently)

Here in Colorado is where my third son and final child was born. Holden is my little computer tech. He can turn my display upside down and reset a computer faster than fast. He has reset my cellular phone to Russian more than once. and it's crazy how he can take electronics apart.. and put them back together. The kicker?

He is only 2 years old.

Anyhow, there's a whole lot more to it of course, but I just realized I basically wrote an entire chapter of a book here. So I will let everyone recover before I post again.

Kristina Skiba AKA Kitty AKA Artist Kristina Kay


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