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Moringa Tea Reception Day

09/05/2013 16:35

So for the next 30 days, I am trying (and reviewing by default) 

The tea from Plott Palm Trees.

This is just over 20 dollars to purchase. Comes triple sealed and fresh. (quadruple if you count the teabag itself) 

I am overtly impressed by the service received from fast turn around to complete information being included AND handwritten nonetheless.

(I might be special in the handwritten department). 


The one Thing I have noticed in regard to the moringa tea so far is that it has a distinct smell in raw form.

It could be a bit unsettling at first if you are not expecting it. I will be posting pictures into this article at a later point. 

Tomorrow I will conduct my first taste test. I am planning to start my morning with it. 


A big thank you to my supplier Plott Palm Trees and to Eric Plott for being open to discussion on everything. 


As my newfound friends say.




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