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Fire Yourself Up with DawnMarie’s Designs!

07/15/2013 14:18
What to Say, What to say!... This shop is on FIRE. And I mean SMOKIN' HOT! A little while back I won a shirt on their page. She allowed me to choose a design that was a little unique. DRAGONS and KNIGHTS. The saying is a play on words from Dragonheart™ as it is my sons favorite movie. He is TWO years old and has sensory issues. He usually hates any paint on his clothing as it itches. With her system the paint goes into the fabric. No popups, no scratches, no thread or iron-ons. He was given the shirt for his birthday and he loves it! He wore it even for bed! (for him that's amazing) See the video for his beautiful shirt review and pics. To get one of your own, go to:

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