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How to Deal with People Like Me by KittyKay (also known by sunset4774, pheonixreborn, pheonixartistry, &Kattkreations)

07/15/2013 01:19

Alright ya all. A few "from backwoods WI" Marketing strategies for people like me--You know the percentage that one ad does not impress? Here you go:


If at all possible, post new photographs, not old ones. Even though it may have been an awesome picture of you 10 years ago, it is not who you are now. The same with product pictures and graphics.

2013 June



Do not email, message, tweet me before introducing yourself to me. Introduce yourself, engage in basic conversation, ask me what I do first. 9x out of 10 I will inquire what your ventures or businesses are.


Try to Avoid Mass Messages: We have all received the messages where you send to every single person on your friends list in one message. This poses an issue with two things. First.. and again this is my opinion.. It seems a little invasive to privacy if you think about it. On Facebook, we can see who was messaged in those group messages, it is not like a CC in email set-ups. 3 or 4 people I can see, but 20-30 hundreds? Overkill people, and most will just leave or delete the conversation, some may even delete you.


If you want me to join a venture, Don't Capitalize Every Single Word In A Paragraph

Putting an entire word in uppercase in online format is SHOUTING. So unless you are saying.. HOT HOT HOT news.. or something to that effect, please do not succumb to the need to SHOUT specific WORDS in the middle of the sentence to emphasize its ADVERTISING or PROFITABILITY margins. I've been in marketing awhile, I know the ploys. It just annoys me and makes me move on to the next opportunity.


Tell me up front what costs are. Please don't say it's free, but then there is a "website fee" or an "admin fee". Don't throw the upgrade possibilities in my face. I can read and will do so. If I have a question, I will ask. If I need assistance, I will ask.


Know the language you are posting in. I have seen a few ads this week in German, and I know they used a translator. Shudders.


And my number one pet peeve. Do not tell me a sob story that is not true. Do not tell me you are doing awesome and making loads of money, if you can't even pay your rent or put food on your table. Tell me you just started, Tell me you aren't sure. I do not mind. You will win me over faster by being completely honest, then promising thousands upon thousands for working 4 hours a day your first week and leaving it. (Yes, I saw that one this week as well)

With that said. Feel free to find me in my group or on my page: Earn Cash and Rewards from Home, Earn Cash and Rewards from home to see what I, personally do.

Good Morn, Good Day, Good Eve, I hope it has been a great one!

Omnes Tamquam Vive Dies




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