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Why Kitty Why

07/15/2013 01:09

Why Kitty, Why? I get asked this constantly. Why are you an artist? Why do you stay home with your sons? Why do you network so much? Why do you try all the survey and earning sites? Why GCA? Why InstaGc? Why VT? 

Here's why:
I am Artist because I am artist. Just as I am a woman, just as I am a mother, It is who I am. From the time I was handed my first crayon, to the time I was apprenticed to my grandfather, having my little hand swatted if I chose the wrong brush to do blending with. I have been in the Art world since birth. My mother, writes poetry. My father, wrote poetry and worked in the computer field. He worked in hardware and software both. B

By the time I was in Junior High, I wanted to combine my two loves, and I started on my way to learning animation, graphic design, videography, and photography.

By high school, I knew the (at the time) current photoshop programs and editing programs. By college, where I started in Graphic Design and then eventually progressed to changing my major to Television, I was hooked on the artistic world completely.

After working for various television stations, doing gigs for commercials and game shows. I had my first son and had a horrid pregnancy. I found I could not handle working at the time. I could not focus in the least. So I stayed home.
An eviction, a family member in poor health, brought me back to WI from CA and sent me into the Temp world, of which I had never been part. During these times I worked in janitorial service and security.. in a printing company (Even when I do not try, I end up in an artistic environment) .
My son had been having breathing cessations and we were told his shakes were just chills, he had allergies, reflux, you name it. I found out I was pregnant with my second child. Eventually, I had to stay home, and my children's father joined the army.
At 9 months pregnant with my 2nd, My firstborn went into a 2.5 hour long seizure. At one point, they came and asked me if I wanted to donate his organs. I started labor, and the medical personnel wanted me to go to the L & D. I refused more than once.

Thankfully, my son is still here. He is now 5 years old and still copes with Epilepsy and Sensory Disorder every single day. He has a condition that makes him more susceptible to seizure in heat as well, so when others get to enjoy a 80-90 degree day, he has to wear a cooling vest, or not be outside at all.

My middle son is a joy to be around, although, at 4 he has a bit of a whiny streak. He loves to read and he is the first to help his big brother if he should need it.

2 years ago, we added another child to the family. My youngest also has sensory regulation sensitivities and an obsession with dragons.

They are my reason. They are the WHY? Kitty, Why? answer. I stay in the art world to show them they can be anything if they have the passion and the drive.. and they also run their own business (with me managing) at and my eldest started a blog This is Cheer where he wants people to Cheer & Smile about positive things.

They are the reason I try the survey sites, and the marketing campaigns. The supplemental income helps aide in us getting that next weighted blanket, or the next divided tray, or the special scissors, or the games that we otherwise wouldn't afford. We aren't hurting, but we aren't millionaires.

With all that said,

I hope to "see" you all around in my various fields.




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