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Today I would like to talk to you about jewelry.

05/06/2013 15:28
There is really no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to artistic direction. I am elated with the quality of Stone Soup Designs work. Below this review are examples of artistic jeweler Tonya M. Rupell's work.. you can also  Watch Stone Soup Review Here!! CLICK THIS LINK! I am expressly in love with the Triquetra Celtic piece that sold out in record time. (I hope she has another come payday with Empower Network--ask me about that if you like). All of her work is done with herself and her daughter's unique free-form wire wrapping and handbeading techniques. Here is the company overview written by Ms. Tonya Herself: Founded in 2008, and named after my son's school play, I took my jewelry business in a different direction after making beaded jewelry for 10 years. Today Stone Soup Designs, known for our great value pendants are created by my daughter Kaelee and me, Tonya M. Rupell . After teaching myself a free form style of wire wrapping, I taught my daughter and we have been having fun ever since. Please email us with any questions, ideas or shows that you think we might like to attend. We are always looking for new places to show our work.    stonesoupdesigns2 stonesoupdesigns3 stonesoupdesigns4 [caption id="attachment_42" align="alignnone" width="300"]Show Set Up Show Set Up[/caption]

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