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The Cosmos Ladder’s Deep Space Mission Instructions — YOU BETTER BE THERE FOR LAUNCH!!

05/17/2013 16:48

A great networking friend of mine from the UK runs The Cosmos Ladder. Their MISSIONS are unique to them and are very considerate of both Facebook's neverending changes and the interaction that all good businessmen and businesswomen need. I hope to see you there!

This event is designed to increase exposure of your page and build your fan base in a fun and interactive way.    

Please read fully before taking part  

We have prepared the ship and are taking a trip into deep space. Along the way we will stop of at a few places and say hello to the local life forms. To take part please follow the simple steps below.  

Step 1 Mission Briefing   Mission Briefing will be posted 1 hour before take-off. Using your personal page hit  like and write a comment such as On Board in the comments and tag your page. If you want to help the mission along share this briefing somewhere directing potential cadets to the event.  

Step 2 Launch Time When launch time arrives we will replace the mission briefing with our first destination. Using your personal profile click onto the chosen page link posted and have a wander round. if you are interested in what you see hit the like button and leave them a private message. Tell them you have visited while on a Cosmos ladder mission and it would be great if they would visit your page and have a look. Paste your page link in the message so they know where to go. Be polite and friendly in your message and they will be more inclined to return your like.    

Step 3 Onwards and Upwards   At this point we are configuring the navigational systems on the ship and there is no rush. If you are really interested in the destination you find yourself at you can look around and like or share some of the posts on the page. This is an optional but is always encouraged as it all helps to build your network. When you are finished head back to the ship, on the main page, where we will be getting the next destination ready. This will be chosen from either our paid for features, a page at the top of the Cosmos leader board or a page in the current mission.  If there is not a new post pinned to the timeline, simply wait a minute and refresh the page (F5). Repeat until you find a new post with the next location. Hit like on the new post so we know we have not lost you and head of to the next page.  

Step 4 Mission De-briefing Follow the above steps till the mission De-briefing is posted. Like the post and Tag your page link one last time and tag the page that you liked best on the mission. See if anyone else has the same page as you and chat about the pages we have visited. If you have any trouble with any of the steps or have a question please ask and we will do our best to explain. Just comment below and we will reply as soon as we are in range. Any suggestions or constructive criticism is also very welcome as this is a new way of networking. We think this is going to be big so make sure you are straight with the rules now.   ✌ Have fun, Play Fair, Go Far ✌  

Together we can learn to network in a better way.

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