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06/12/2013 01:28

Switch Up Your Everyday

Head on over to and say hello to a friend of mine, Brittany. She is a mother, she is wife, she is a military wife, she is a special needs mother, she is a blogger. She does it all really.


One of the things I adore about her blog are the recipes. I am going to try the pancake bites next week. We always have pancake or waffle mix so why not? It's nice to try different things each day. Trying different things also helps my SPD son to learn to cope with change better.

SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

Another thing that I find relevant among her postings are the issues she faces with her child who copes with SPD. I have a son who is now age 5 with SPD and epilepsy so I can empathize completely with trials and achievements... and those sometimes not so fun, am I doing this right? mama moments.


In life, you must find humor in something, or you just will not make it. Brittany makes sure her site contains that outlet for everyone. A few of the jokes are a little out there... but it is awesome still.


There are a multitude of crafts posted on her site. These would be great for summer vacation ideas, preschools, homeschoolers, or an alternative to the traditional board game night, why not have a craft night? If you do, let me know, I'm there!



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