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Networking and The Cosmos

05/13/2013 15:51
Today I would like to give a shout out to a cosmic networking page on Facebook™ called The Cosmos Ladder. The Cosmos Ladder prides itself on finding you fans that actually want your product. It may take a little bit mind you, but it's worth every second of the wait. Patience as they say, is a virtue. They host MISSIONS on a daily basis and give you a pretty good advance warning so you can be there to be a part of it. Currently they have a deal for £6.50 that gets you added to the missions 24/7 for ONE WEEK. This means that everyone who comes to their page for an ENTIRE week will see your page link or tag. You can purchase that deal here: They also have options for 2 weeks and a month for £10.00 and £18.00 respectively. I have found the Owner and Admins to be very easygoing and great to work with. As a fellow Networking Artist, that's saying a great deal. Another thing I absolutely LOVE about Mark, Cori, Eddy, and Miranda are the fact that they do not limit themselves to Facebook ™. Check out their website and forum here:!social-forum/c9zu Heres a short video I made in support:   We'll see you at the mission briefing. ~~Kitty~~~ Smokin' Hot Networking

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