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06/10/2013 17:00
Simply Sinful specializes in fudge in as many different flavors as you can imagine, specialty jellies, sweet breads, and various candies. Custom colors and flavors upon request.
They have a fudge of the month club with options to pay monthly or yearly. Chelcie will work with you on a payment plan for you to have fudge at your door every month.
SS has a multitude of flavors available including Knock Your Socks Off utilizing various peppers, a fairly new gummi bear creation using you guessed it GUMMI BEARS!!. My mouth waters just thinking about it.
All of her products are completely handcrafted. The fudge sits in a deep freezer before shipping straight to you!
Is your mouth watering yet? Watch this vid, then march on over to make your order!
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