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Homemade Crafts with a Personal Touch

05/09/2013 16:07

Homemade Crafts with a Personal Touch

This is a shop both on Facebook and on the world wide web. They specialize in hand-painted baby's, children's and adult's clothing. From what I have seen they have a varied selection and are able to match almost any request. Be sure and contact them at to see about custom orders or networking opportunities. (you know me, I am all about networking) Over at their website,, They have even more options available. You can join the pattern club and have access to tons of plastic canvas patterns that Dawnmarie herself designed on a monthly basis. (This is something I have to look into, my son LOVES doing plastic canvas). I think the thing that most impressed me though was the inclusion of her son into the company, in the video below you will see his efforts and how well they paid out.  I am always elated to see children being incorporated into the business world so long as it's done in a kind manner. My own sons create and sell artwork as well, so this was really touching to me. His creativity was also quite inspiring.

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