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Fashionable Fairy Tale — A Review By Kitty of Smokin’ Hot Networking

05/07/2013 15:33

Fashionable Fairy Tale is a Facebook Shop where you can shop in one place amongst 5 designers from 5 very unique and different boutiques. They each have their own style so is there is always something for that perfect Fairy Tale Ending in Fashion.  They create handmade quality hair accessories that are absolutely STUPENDOUS. And guess what? Fashionable Fairy Tale was JUST founded, so you better go and get your hair accessories while the getting is good!! They are also looking for a couple good designers!! Main points to consider when apply - Good bright, clean, in focus photos are a must! No bright flashes or clutter. Photos are best taken in natural light or with the use of a light box. NO CELL PHONE PICTURES. APPLY HERE:  

The designers featured are:

Maureen Brown - So Chic Boutique

Brooke Swisher Hissong - BbowtiquED

April Cashin - Itty Bitty Bow Boutique

Crystal Harshman - Tutu the Moon Bowtique

Nicole Rochester - Sew Gurly Bowtique


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